A Word from Stan & Lynda

A humble post to our fans, friends and family – we plan to get back to you after we get settled in Ecuador.
We’re doing last moment details for our journey.
And…most of all, thank you for all of your good wishes for our journey to Ecuador.
As soon as we are able we will be back online and communicating.
Thanks for understanding. We truly appreciate you.
You are a big part of our lives, and Stan will be hard at work on the next Merlin Fanshaw adventure as soon as we have a place to live and we’re reconnected to the Internet.
He already has the next book outlined and he is chomping at the bit to be reunited with Merlin Fanshaw at his computer (a new Dell laptop).

Via Con Dios!

Stan and Lynda Lynde

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11 Responses to A Word from Stan & Lynda

  1. Stan Hutchison says:

    Wishing the two of you the very best in all you do.

    I am awaiting further adventures of Merlin,,, is he going to go to South America also??

    Maybe in quest of George Starkweather (I don’t believe George actually died)

    Best of luck,,, and adios,

  2. Jason and Jennifer Jones says:

    I, for one, will miss hearing Lynda’s voice on the radio every day! We appreciate everything you have done for us and wish you the best time in Ecuador! This community will have a hole in it now.

    God bless you guys!

    Jason and Jennifer

    • stan says:

      Thanks Jason and Jennifer–our nearly three months in Ecuador have been full of adventure (is a crisis an adventure?), but we have settled in the city of Cuenca now and will be moving into a new apartment on April 1. We’ve survived health problems, including major surgery (me) but are doing well and loving the country and its people more every day. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Every good wish to you both.

  3. Dan Richmond says:

    I know I haven’t seen you two for years, but I seem to be missing you more now that you’re moving WAY south.

    Enjoy your new home, Harry and Etta. (Well, it’s not Bolivia, but it’s close.)


  4. David Ellen says:

    You are moving to Equador? Hablamos espanol!(tilde on the n)

    I pray for a happy experience in your new home. Montana’s loss is Equador’s gain.

    The Sunday Funnies were never the same after Rick O’Shay.

  5. Wilma and Bill Immonen says:

    Talk about SNOWBIRDS – you are way beyond what we are hoping to do. Find a place to live, get hooked to the internet and get writing – we are waiting for more Merlin adventures. We miss Rick O’Shay and Hipshot (especially Hipshot).

  6. Ginni Vetri Reynolds says:

    Sorry we weren’t able to catch up with you before you got up and gone, but Jim and I are thinking of you and wishing you the best. I have a feeling it’s still to come!

    Safe travels, you two!

  7. Mary K. Scott says:

    Dear ( and I mean it) Lyndes, Back in our family’s Olden Days, read ” poor but happy”, our four kids got a Sunday strip featuring Hipshot, a horse, & a Christmas eve sky…. We made frames of cardboard white tissue paper ,and borders of red ribbon.We were new Christians at the time…Long time ago, still dear to our hearts…Thank you for all the encouragement ,and for the good humor… It’s good to know that though you’ve moved so far away, God is daily chasing you down and dumping His blessings on you..I think He calls them ” overtaking blessings”…..Since you can’t get away from these,you may as well relax & enjoy them….just as our family looked forward to and enjoyed being blessed by Rick,Hipshot, and you…Lyly ,Mrs Mary K. Scott 3-29-13—He is risen!

  8. Rick Jennings says:

    I come so late to your blog! I never knew that it was here and NOW I discover it! And you wrote Western novels, too! (Must procure same!)

    I have been a fan of Rick O’Shay ever since I was small. I have some of your books, (Rick O’Shay, Hipshot, and Me is a favorite.) One Sunday comic I would like to see reprinted as a poster, perhaps, is when Hipshot and Quyat are riding together, and Quyat discovers that man is, indeed, a predator. (Eyes facing forward)

    God blees you as you move to Ecuador. Hope you can continue with the blog from there. Now that I know, I’ll check in from time to time.

    • stan says:

      Dear Rick,
      Thanks for writing. I do intend to get back to the blog soon, but I’m afraid getting acclimated to a new culture and language have kept me busy here in Ecuador.

      Yes, I have nine novels in print now, eight featuring the adventures of U.S. Marshal Merlin Fanshaw. They don’t really need to be read in order, but you might find it more enjoyable if you do. Order is: THE BODACIOUS KID, CARELESS CREEK, SAVING MISS JULIE, MARSHAL OF MEDICINE LODGE, SUMMER SNOW, VENDETTA CANYON, TO KILL A COPPER KING, and THE BIG OPEN. I also wrote a stand alone historical novel entitled VIGILANTE MOON I think you’ll like. All books are available in trade paperback through Amazon and Alibris, and are available as audiobooks through Books In Motion of Spokane, recorded by me. Also available as Kindle books through Amazon.

      The Sunday page from RICK O’SHAY you mentioned—”Predators”—is a favorite of mine, too.

      Best personal regards,


      • Rick Jennings says:

        I’m honored by your reply, sir! I’ll be looking for those books. I believe Barnes and Noble sells them, but not on their e-reader, the Nook, which is what I have.

        Wil you continue the adventures of Rick and Hipshot?

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