Wait, Shag!

Wait, Shag!

Wait, Shag!

2 Responses to Wait, Shag!

  1. Per Morten says:

    Oh, It has happend to me too. And several more blokes. Yesterday I found a 10 ft. long rod.

  2. John C. Ulberg says:

    In Bozeman , Winter 1964, Sigma Nu frat house a fella had his plug-in extension cord going across the room past desks, dressers, over/under beds, etc. and out the window, down the alley, across the sidewalk, and into the engine heater. It snowed that night, and about 2am the city jeep plow came driving down the sidewalk. When it hit the cord it sounded like a hissing snake in the room when the slack was taken up! Sure woke up those young men!

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