Rövar Bob ~ 03-04-12

Rövar Bob 03-04-12

Rövar Bob 03-04-12

4 Responses to Rövar Bob ~ 03-04-12

  1. Dan Richmond says:

    I thought PLUMBERS invented “plumbers crack”!!!

  2. Stan Lynde says:

    They did, Dan, but like all great inventions imitators spring up and infringe on the patents. Bob SHOULD have been a plumber, because he sure is a lousy outlaw!

  3. Peggy Speaks says:

    I have read all of Stan Lynde’s western novels except for Summer Snow,Vendetta Canyon and Vigilante Moon, which I will order as soon as they are listed. I recommend them to anyone who enjoys western books. His stories are a great joy for a history buff, and his knowledge of the state of Montana is undenying. A little bit of humor too, which you rarely find in books of this nature. To purchase this book, I can personally promise you that your money is well spent.

    • stan says:

      Thank you, Peggy. I just finished work on the latest Merlin Fanshaw western, THE BIG OPEN, and it is in the hands of its editor. Should be out and available some time this summer. Every good wish!

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