Merlin Fanshaw Weekly Puzzle – 03-11-12

What is the name of Merlin Fanshaw’s boss?

a. Allan Pinkerton

b. Androcles Wilkes

c. Henry Plummer

d. Chance Ridgeway

e. Garrett Sinclair

6 Responses to Merlin Fanshaw Weekly Puzzle – 03-11-12

  1. Rebecca L says:

    Chance Ridgeway.

  2. Dan Richmond says:


  3. Susan Knopp says:

    Chance Ridgeway

  4. Elizabeth Lippert says:

    d. Chance Ridgeway

  5. Matthew Uttal says:

    Chance Ridgeway

    • stanlynde says:

      Thanks, Matthew! Right answer, but there were a few people ahead of you!
      There will be more puzzles to come–keep trying!

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