Thank God!

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  1. For your enjoyment at Stan Lynde’s Blog this week’s Grass Roots Cartoon Billie and Shag come to a conclusion about mountains. Do you agree?

  2. loraxtimes2 says:

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of adding my footprints to a mix of mt. goat and marmot prints within an hour from home and within 2 hours of attending service… safe to say I was able to attend two services in one day. And yes, the mountains did have a “better architect”!

  3. Tom Foolery says:

    There is a lake, 7,000′ in the western Sierra’s my family has gone for 4 generations. It’s trees, clean water, quiet (the road ends here) put me at ease. No TV or radio, and I’ll not buy a paper. Little has changed there, but I change when there. This is my church.

    I thought of another cartoon of yours where Quyat asks Rick what bait he’s fishing with. Rick says he’s not using bait as he doesn’t want to be disturbed while he’s fishing.


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