Merlin Fanshaw Weekly Puzzle ~ 04-01-12

In the Merlin Fanshaw western series, Merlin is partial to horses of a particular color. This horse color is:

a. Blood bay
b. Buckskin
c. Blue roan
d. Appaloosa
e. Strawberry roan

4 Responses to Merlin Fanshaw Weekly Puzzle ~ 04-01-12

  1. Susan Knopp says:


    He has more than one buckskin over the series, and as far as I recall, only one roan (that was his late partner’s).

    Thanks for the series. Great reading!

  2. Rod Tvrdy says:

    Looks like Susan Knoop get up too early on Sundays. She beat me to it.
    Buckskin was my choice too.
    I’ve read all the books (twice). Can’t wait for the Merlin adventure.
    I’ll surly write a review for you


  3. kelly says:

    Blood Bay

    • stan says:

      Sorry, Kelly–Merlin did own one blood bay thoroughbred, Quicksilver, in Careless Creek, but only in that one book. He has owned two buckskins–”Little Buck” and “Rutherford” and has expressed his preference for the color in the books themselves. Thanks for entering, and better luck next time!

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