Merlin Fanshaw Weekly Puzzle ~ 04-08-12

In the Merlin Fanshaw westerns, Pandora Pretty Hawk, Luther Little Wolf, and Archie Young Bull all have ties to an Indian tribe. Which one?
a. Northern Cheyenne
b. Crow
c. Blackfeet
d. Gros Ventre
e. Arapaho

4 Responses to Merlin Fanshaw Weekly Puzzle ~ 04-08-12

  1. Sarah LeRoy says:

    B. Crow

    • stan says:

      You’re this week’s winner! Thanks for entering, and for being the first to contact us with the right answer.
      Your “Bronc Rider” print will be on its way to you tomorrow. Thanks again!

  2. Dennis Berg says:

    b. Crow tribe is the answer to this weeks question.

    Dennis Berg
    1751 Charm Ct.
    Rochester Hills, MI 48306

    • stan says:

      Thanks for entering, Dennis. You had the correct answer, but another alert reader reached us at about 7:15 a.m., also with the correct answer. Sorry! And thanks!

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