Merlin Fanshaw Weekly Puzzle ~ 05-20-12

Dry Creek, Merlin Fanshaw’s home town, is located in what fictional county?
a. Franklin
b. Meriwether
c. Progress
d. Culpepper

5 Responses to Merlin Fanshaw Weekly Puzzle ~ 05-20-12

  1. rauno palola says:


  2. Stan Hutchison says:

    Dry Creek is in Progress county.

    • Stan Lynde says:

      Correct, Stan! You’re our winner, and we’ll be sending you a limited edition print of my pencil drawing, “Bronc Rider”! New Merlin Fanshaw western novel number eight, THE BIG OPEN, is at the printers now and will be out in both paperback and Kindle sometime this summer.
      Am now working on number nine, in which Merlin returns to Progress County, and Dry Creek as interim marshal. As usual, a simple assignment turns out to be anything but for Merlin. Congatulations, and best regards!

  3. taylor lynde says:

    The answer is Progress- ah, i see i’m not the first!

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