Hunting Armor

Hunting Armor

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  1. Robert L. McBroom says:

    I was about 7 years old and living on a Ranch 5 miles west of Big Arm, Montana when my father took me out to a safe place in a gully with an earth berm for a backstop. He then brought out a single shot 22 cal. rifle, and told me exactly what he expected of me when I got it.

    I spent a whole year practicing with the 22 and being lectured at every practice that you never shoot unless you know where that round is going, you know exactly what your target is, and last you only use one round on that target because rifle ammunition is expensive.

    The neighbor kids also got similar instructions, in an equally strict manner and they were always careful never to point a weapon at something they did not want to hit. This kind of instruction was common practice because everyone had a rifle then and they were not toys. Got the single shot 22 when I could put every round in the NRA target bulls eye…I have since qualified as an NRA police firearms instructor, and served two years as a U.S. Customs Firearms Instructor-I find it a great shame on my countries reputation that there is all too much truth in your cartoon…Gopher

  2. Dan Richmond says:

    Some buddies and I went out for some target practice. The area was dotted with draws about 150′ wide and 300′ deep, with berms at the opening about 20′ tall. An hour into the shooting, rocks were exploding atop the one berm. We had neighbors and they couldn’t hear us shouting. I picked up my SHARPS 45-70 and loaded it with a black powder charged cartridge and waited for a lull. When it came, I announced our presence.

    They moved

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