Merlin Fanshaw Weekly Puzzle ~ 05-27-12

Change of pace question! What was Stan Lynde’s occupation immediately prior to his comic strip RICK O’SHAY?
a. Sailor, U.S. Navy
b. Cowboy, Lodge Grass, Montana
c. Reporter, The Wall Street Journal
d. Bartender, New York City

14 Responses to Merlin Fanshaw Weekly Puzzle ~ 05-27-12

  1. sue brandes says:

    I going to guess b. Cowboy, Lodge Grass, Montana.

    • stan says:

      Sorry, Sue–a good guess, and I did work cattle at one time near my home town of Lodge Grass, Montana, but IMMEDIATELY prior to RICK O’SHAY I was holding down a job as commodity reporter for the Wall Street Journal.
      Thanks for entering!

  2. Donna Delgado says:

    The answer is b. Cowboy, Lodge Grass, Montana

    • Stan Lynde says:

      Sorry, Donna–the operative word in the question is “immediately.” I did work as a ranch hand in Montana, but I was working as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal in 1957 just before I created RICK O’SHAY! Thanks for entering!

  3. Rick leon Son says:

    Sailor and he ate his spinach too~

    • Stan Lynde says:

      Sorry, Rick–I was a sailor with Uncle Sam’s Navy from 1951 to 1955, but IMMEDIATELY prior to RICK O’SHAY’s creation and syndication, I was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal. Thanks for entering!

  4. John C. Ulberg says:

    Why, a bartender in New York City, of course.

    • Stan Lynde says:

      Thanks for entering, John! I did work in New York City just before RICK O’SHAY was syndicated, but not as a barkeep. I was a bona fide commodities reporter for the Wall Street Journal!

  5. Dan Richmond says:

    Reporter for the WSJ

    • Stan Lynde says:

      Congratulations, Dan! You’re our puzzle winner! Glad you finally made it, after having the right answer but too late a time or two! We’ll be putting a limited edition print of “Bronc Rider” in the mail to you shortly!

  6. Dan Richmond says:

    Then a sailor and long before that a wee mutton buster.

    • Stan Lynde says:

      Mutton buster first, sometime cowboy second, sailor third, barkeep never, and REPORTER FOR THE WSJ just before RICK’s syndication.

  7. Squeak Barsalou says:

    Sailor in the Navy!!!! I have a VERY neat newspaper article I got from a friend at church today! It was printed in 1977!

    • stan says:

      Hi Squeak–Actually, I worked at all those jobs except bartender, but the key word in the question had to do with what I was doing IMMEDIATELY prior to RICK O’SHAY, and that would be “Reporter for the Wall Street Journal.”
      I had gone to art school at night, and developed the strip in 1957. Submitted it to 13 different newspaper syndicates, and Chicago Tribune-New York News offered me a contract. I came home from work at the Journal to find a phone message and a telegram waiting for me. O Happy Day!

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