Latigo Sunday ~ 05-20-12

Memories of Hunting

Latigo 05-20-12

2 Responses to Latigo Sunday ~ 05-20-12

  1. Todd Davis says:

    Living in Butte, I grew up with Rick O’Shay and Hipshot. I always respected your talent and obvious love of Montana and the west, and miss your strip enormously.

    • stan says:

      Thanks, Todd. Butte is not only a favorite place of mine in Montana, it’s a place where Rick O’Shay and Hipshot were loved and appreciated. As you may know, I’ve been a full-time western novelist since 1995 and have nine published novels out, available through Amazon, Alibris, and on Kindle. Also as audiobooks through Books In Motion. The most recent is THE BIG OPEN, set in eastern Montana in 1889, but the one before that is set in Butte the previous year, and is titled TO KILL A COPPER KING. Kind of my love letter to Butte, it features a plot to assassinate Marcus Daly. Available at the previously mentioned places, and at BOOKS & BOOKS in Butte. Again, thanks for writing. I’ve retired to Cuenca, Ecuador with my wife Lynda, but will be back in Montana at least once or twice a year. Best Regards!

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