Cowboy Lore & Legend ~ 05-27-12



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  1. Mike Fascetta says:

    Love this, Stan! Another great piece of work my friend!

    • stan says:

      Thanks, Mike. The trail drive drawings and narrative were originally done for a calendar during Montana’s Centennial in 1989. That was a busy year for me. With two friends, I dreamed up The Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive, promoted and rode in it, and married my partner, best friend, and wife, Lynda!

  2. Judy Hand says:

    Hello Mr. Lynde,
    My husband and I rode in the Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive. We presented a proclamation from Alabama’s governor (our home state) proclaiming it Montana Day in Alabama. My husband still has his hat that you signed when we were waiting to go on stage for the presentation.
    What an experience you guys created for us! It still lives well in our memories and is the most exciting thing that we have, or ever will, be a part of. I wish that it could be recreated for the folks who participated in it in ’89. He he….I wonder how many canes and wheelchairs that would require.
    Most likely you are still in Equador on some kind of adventure. God’s blessings be yours and Mrs. Lynde’s for a load full of fun, love, and adventure.

    • stan says:

      Thank you, Judy–The Big Drive was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So glad you and your husband were NOT among those who considered taking part in the Drive, but DIDN’T. I still talk to some of those folks, and they tell me they’ll be kicking themselves for the rest of their lives. Thank you for your good wishes; Ecuador so far has been full of “adventures” of every kind, and we’re learning as fast as we can! God Bless You and Yours!

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