Latigo Sunday~ 06-24-12

No Choice

No Choice

2 Responses to Latigo Sunday~ 06-24-12

  1. Keith says:

    Watched an episode of Gunsmoke the other day. Gary Busey was a bronk buster with his partner. He got kicked in the head so hard that Doc Adams said he would die in a couple of days. He did but not until he broke the bronk that kicked him. I got to thinking what a tough job that is. I suppose since there are still horses used in ranching there must be bronk busters working. What a beating they take and how long can their bodies last. Thought being a heavy line mechanic for 40 years was tough but now think i didnt have it too bad.

    • Stan Lynde says:

      Breaking horses to ride was for years a hard proposition, Keith. Young men came to specialize as “bronc busters,” converting wild and spoiled horses to cow ponies. It was a brutal business, hard on horses and bronc riders alike. The object was to break horses to ride as quickly as possible, and cattlemen had little patience for any other method. In recent years, the old ways are changing. Men like Buck Brannaman–and women, too–have begun to gentle horses through patience and understanding–a much better way. Buck was an early “horse whisperer,” and his methods are fully described in the book–and movie–”Buck.”

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