2 Responses to Predators

  1. Guy Takamatsu says:

    Don’t forget the unborn, the aged and the disabled. I think the Beach Boy’s appeared at a benefit event established by Teri Schiavo’s family

  2. Del says:

    Our justice system is totally corrupt on this issue. About twelve years ago, I helped a local reporter in Houston bust a bunch of Law and Order Judges who had no qualms about filling up death row, but were adverse to imprisoning child molesters and pedophiles (Kiddie Porn and child molesting are NOT the same thing). There was one judge who gave deferred adjudication to almost 60% of sex offenders, another one gave stacked deferred adjudication to someone who pleaded out to two separate counts within six months. It is a mess and the only way to attack it is to vote out all incumbents to clean house and send a message to the new politicians. It is insane to make judges dependent on contributions from the defense lawyers who practice before them (defend child molestors).

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