The Cottonwood Clarion – 9-30-12

The Cottonwood Clarion

Stan Lynde Fan Club

09-30-12 Issue #18

Dear Friends, Family and Fans,

From the Lady Publisher

Where to begin? When in doubt, plunge in. Writing is about “who” “what” “when” “where” “why” and “how.” So let me begin by saying the “what” is we are retiring. Well, at least I am retiring from real estate and Stan is semi-retiring. He will continue to write novels. But the “where” is an adventure, which will take us south, waysouth to Ecuador.The “when” is the last day of 2012. New Years day will find us in Quito, Ecuador for a few days before heading to Cuenca. We’re trying it on for size and have heard great things about this country. We will be Internet connected as soon as possible and hope to keep our same U.S. phone number.The “how” is we are selling everything in the U.S., developing a simple life style freed up of stuff accumulated over a lifetime. We’re having an estate sale to save the kids the hassle of some day plowing through all of our stuff. The Montana Historical Society is being gifted an enormous collection of Stan Lynde history and memorabilia for generations to appreciate in the years to come.I almost forgot the “why.” Why not? A new chapter in this precious life to share with the most important person in my life!Finally, we will still reserve time back in Montana and Washington State with family and friends. This is an adventure, not abandonment!


Latest News

1) For Kindle readers, Merlin Fanshaw’s adventures in To Kill A Copper King is now available on Kindle Ebooks at

2) To get all of Stan’s novels back in print before taking on our new adventuresome life, Vigilante Moon, a novel written by Stan on the Plummer Gang of Virginia City, Montana is off to our printer. It is historical fiction featuring compelling real and fictional characters. The book has been out of publication since 2003 and is the only novel written by Stan outside of the Merlin Fanshaw series. It’s a gripping story, with telling images of a bygone world, evocative of those lawless periods in our western American history where ultimately a select citizenry felt compelled to become the law. The conclusion will surprise and amaze you! Some will say “how could you” while others will say, “perfect ending.” “Couldn’t have been otherwise.” We will let you know as soon as it is available.

What was amazing last month is that no one answered correctly the answer to the Merlin Fanshaw Monthly Quiz Question: In the Merlin Fanshaw Western series, Merlin was named for: Answer: b. A small prairie falcon, also called a merlin.









Stan Lynde Author Tour “The Big Open:”

Book Signing Schedule 2012

“The Big Open” Book Signing Schedule
Date Time Location
Saturday, November 10 1-3 p.m. FACT & FICTION
220 North Higgins
Missoula, MT 49802
Saturday, November 24 3-5 p.m. MONTANA BOOK & TOY COMPANY
331 North Last Chance Gulch
Helena, MT 59601
Saturday, December 1 1-4 p.m. THE BROWSING BISON BOOK STORE
515 Main Street
Deer Lodge, MT 59722
Friday, December 7 4-6 p.m. THE BOOKSTORE
26 North Dillon
Dillon, MT 59725
Saturday, December 8 2-4 p.m. BOOKS and BOOKS
206 West Park Street
Butte, MT 59701
Saturday, December 15 1-4 p.m. BARNES & NOBLE
1600 Market Place
Great Falls, MT 59405
Saturday, December 22 2-4 p.m. BARNES & NOBLE
530 South 24th Street
Billings, MT 59102

Personal, From Stan Lynde
The Lady Publisher and I had been talking about retirement, off and on, for months. Like many a snowbird couple before us, the idea of spending winter in a land of warmth and sunshine had a definite and growing appeal. With my trusty snow shovel on my shoulder, we would march south until someone asked, “What is that thing?” and promptly settle down right then and there. Clad in shorts and sandals, we would turn on the A.C. and sip Mai Tais until springtime came back to our beloved Montana.

That was the general idea.

We began our research in earnest. We talked to friends. We read travel guides. We went online. We dreamed of Hawaii. We considered Arizona, California, New Mexico, Florida. We discussed a driving tour to put boots on the ground. We found a dozen communities large and small that might meet our needs. And then we bogged down.
The cost of living at every new destination we considered was at least as high as Montana’s, and usually higher. Paying rent in snowbird land while paying off our Montana home at the same time was beyond our capability. We sharpened our pencils, made our calculations, revised and made new ones.
The conclusion was obvious. It was also depressing. When all was said and done, our retirement would depend chiefly on our Social Security. Where in the world could we live- and live well on that?
That’ s when I asked the Lady Publisher the question. All right, then what about outside the country?
That question began a search that led us to our answer. On New Year’s Eve 2012, Lynda and I will board a jetliner with two suitcases apiece and fly south to a land of eternal spring Cuenca, Ecuador. Will that beautiful city in the southern highlands turn out to be our more-or- less forever retirement home?

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I’ll be traveling Montana on a pre-holiday book signing tour with my latest Merlin Fanshaw novel, The Big Open. The book is already picking up some nice reviews and sales, and I think it just might turn out to be one of your favorites. I’ll be on the road to bookstores across the state during November and December (see the Lady Publisher’s schedule in her column) and I hope you’ll come out and say howdy. I sure would like to see you. Fact is, I’d be plum tickled.
In other news, I now have a contract with Amazon covering the first two Merlin books, The Bodacious Kid and Careless Creek. Amazon recently acquired many of the contracts formerly held by Dorchester Publishing of New York City, including mine, and I’m looking forward to exciting times riding for their brand.

And finally, much obliged, thanks a lot, and muchisimas gracias (a little Ecuador lingo there) for the near avalanche of greetings you sent on my recent birthday. You folks are the best!


Last but not least, our news may be intermittent during these times of change to our new life of adventure outside our borders, but we will set ourselves up for communication as soon as possible in Ecuador and will let you know how we’re doing. Our emails, web site and blog will follow us as we go, so please stay tuned; our story is unfolding one day at a time. Vaya Con Dios!

Lynda Lynde

Stan and Lynda Lynde
296 Willowbrook Drive
Helena, MT 59602/span> or



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4 Responses to The Cottonwood Clarion – 9-30-12

  1. Sandy Goehring says:

    Hey you two. Good travels to you both, but keep the web site open so you will seem close always. Love your stuff.

  2. Doug Clanin says:

    Hi snowbird! Sorry I didn’t make it to your third birthday party or did I?
    I can’t remember. anyway I still have an old invitation. Your a year older than I, so I must have been only two. Lets keep in touch . Have a great 2013 and Merry Christmas Boss to you two.

  3. Bud "Marshal" Stilwell says:

    Our Thoughts and best wishes upon your retirement and move to Cuenca, Ecuador. May it truly be a paradise for the two of you for we know that you have earned it.

    Will be standing by to hear more from you after you get settled in and back on line.

    Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

    • stan says:

      Thanks, Bud. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, but getting settled in Ecuador has included health issues, Spanish studies, a search for a home here, and more. I really appreciate your good wishes, and wish you the same!

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