Cowboy Lore & Legend: Montana Facts ~ 11-04-12

Cowboy Lore & Legend: Montana Facts

Montana Facts ~ Where It Got Its Name Department

Montana Facts ~ Where It Got Its Name Department

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    Thanks for the information. Did you happen to encounter an episode of Nova on PBS that aired several years ago. It dealt with an ice dam that was located around the Missoula area. The ice dam broke apart so that the accumulated melted glacial water spilled out; it went all the way through the Montana and Idaho area and ultimately wound up in eastern Washington in the area called the Scablands. I understand that the entire journey took only a matter of hours. The Nova program clearly showed the moraine that is left of the lake’s shore. The glacial Lake was called Lake Missoula. I understand there was also a great inland sea, and the Great Salt Lake and Mono Lake may well be the remains of it.


    Maybe the Indians knew about the glacier and its lake, and that is why they referred to it as “chilling waters.”

  3. Sandy Goehring says:

    Good point! By the way, some of the local Native AM people have told me that they let the white man have the Missoula valley because of the inversions that kept the smoke in that area. They liked clean air, I guess. Just a he said-she said, not a fact; funny, however.

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