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  1. EDenney NeVille says:

    Stan: We have my dad in the rest home in Lovell and when I was there a couple of weeks ago I visited with a women from Alaska. She was raised in Lovell and graduated about the same time I did, then moved to Montana for a short time before moving to Alaska. She kept up with Rick O”Shay and Hipshot until it was no longer in the comics. She said to tell you it was the best thing in the papers. She is still in love with Hipshot. She asked that I not forget to let you know she is still a fan. Happy birthday, EDenney

  2. Looking forward to reading your books.

  3. Charlie Way says:

    As an old cowboy from Cody and Red Lodge, I have followed your great works with much interest and admiration. I have autographed copies of all your books – except the Big Open. Flew out of Billings the December day of your announced signing – darn! I know my request for your signature is out of the question, but would it be possible for you to send me an email or post to serve as an autograph? It would then be glued to the inside cover! This would certainly mean a lot to me Pard! Also, I’m anxious to learn if Merlin goes back to perhaps someday marry Billie.
    Best regards and every success in S. America, Charlie Way

    • stan says:

      Sorry I missed you on the book-signing of THE BIG OPEN, Charlie, but glad to hear you liked the book. I’m down in Ecuador now; you may have heard that we retired to South American at the beginning of 2013. I’ll be pleased to send you a signed and personalized book plate by snail mail (about twenty days from Ecuador) if you’ll send me an e-mail and let me know your home address. My e-mail: Working on a new Merlin. Can’t give you too much info, but his old lady friend Pandora plays an important role. Thanks for writing, and best personal regards!

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