Waist Not, Want Not

Waist Not, Want Not

6 Responses to Waist Not, Want Not

  1. Hey Stan,

    Boy howdy, can I relate to poor ol’ Buford…I’m afraid I had way too many holiday goodies and now must eat cabbage soup to make up for the calories!

    Best, Cindy

  2. Jan Roat says:

    Stan I remember when this one first came out. Laughed then… Laughed now! Your first book, autographed, is still one of my favorites…
    Many hugs your way

  3. Dan Richmond says:

    Also know as DUNLAP decease. His belly dun lapped over his belt.

  4. Del says:

    Don’t look like he has the miss-a-meal colic for sure.

  5. Susan says:

    Now there’s a cartoon I can relate to! And I wish I could just ‘erase’ the belly :-)

  6. Charles E Blanchard says:

    I can sure relate to that problem in the past. Now after shedding some needed weight, I at times can see the buckle, if the shirt isn’t too thick; that is. LOL -ceb

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