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Latigo Sunday ~ 07-01-12 07-01-12
Horse 07-08-12
Latigo Sunday ~ 07-29-12 07-29-12
Latigo Sunday ~ 08-26-12 08-26-12
Latigo Sunday ~ 10-07-12 10-07-12

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  1. John Brauer says:

    I would love to buy collections of your old Rick O’Shay strips. Do you have any plans for making these available again? On paper or in an e-format?

    • stanlynde says:

      Dear John,

      Sorry, we had a house fire in 1990 that destroyed all of the originals that were in my files. Rick O’Shay rights belong to Tribune Media Services, so we are not in a position to reprint. Our future lies in authoring these days. I think you will find the same values you found in Rick O’Shay in the Merlin Fanshaw series that I am currently producing. Thank you for writing.

  2. John Heberling says:

    Mr. Lynde published a book in 1990 called Rick O’Shay, Hipshot, and Me: A Memoir by Stan Lynde. In addition to his marvelous life story (minus the last 20 years, obviously), there are 10 representative complete stories covering Rick’s origin to the final Rick O’Shay strip. It isn’t what you’re looking for, but it comes really close!



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