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  1. Shawn Mory McMillion says:

    Dear Mr. Lynde:
    My favorite character ever in the realm of my consciousness is Hipshot Percussion and to this day I still recall the Easter comic strip in which everyone in town was busy preparing for their busy church day with the exception of Hipshot. With the quiet dignity he always carried, alone he rode into the mountains and with himself and his Maker, expressed his gratitude to the Lord. At 57, my eyes still tear up at the recollection of it and it is my hope this coming year to finally get a BLM Mustang and name him “Hipshot”.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents with the world. They bless me still.

    God bless,

    Ms. Shawn Mory McMillion

  2. Del says:

    Concur completely with Ms. McMillion. I also liked the Christmas one as well. The irony of a spiritual gunfighter never escaped me even as a youngster. My favorite cartoon was the New Years Eve one where Hip is tying one on and tells Rick he is drinking to forget. Rick asks, forget the people he had gunned down. Hip replies, grumpily, no to forget how bad his pending hangover is going to feel! What year was that one, Stan?

    • stan says:

      Thanks, Del. I’m not sure which year the New Year’s page you describe appeared, but as you know Hipshot’s New Year’s observances were a tradition of the strip. Many of those pages were set in Hipshot’s cabin, whose ironic wall motto read “Moderation in all things.”

  3. Eunice Filler says:

    I am so happy I found this website. Rick O’Shay and Hipshot were like members of our family when my kids were growing up. To this day, when my youngest son is asked to say grace, he takes off his hat, places it over his chest, looks up and says, “Thank you, Boss!”

    This testimony will stay with me forever. Thank you, Stan Lynde?

    • stan says:

      Thank you for writing, Eunice–you made my day! It’s more than rewarding to hear from the readers who followed Rick and Hipshot’s adventures. Since the late nineties I’ve been a full-time novelist, writing books in the Rick O’Shay tradition–same humor and values as the strip. You might wish to check them out. Available in paperback on Amazon and on Kindle, look for “The Merlin Fanshaw Western” series.

  4. Dear Sir–

    I am normally a bit shy about reaching out to my idols, but actually had a dream last night where I asked the following question:

    As countless others have doubtless told you, I grew up on Rick O’Shay and Hipshot. I’ve purchased every collection of their strips that you’ve ever published, but this of course reflects only a fraction of your output. I was wondering if you have ever considered publishing a CD-Rom of the complete Rick O’Shay run. I would be willing to pay a premium price for such a treasure.

    Thank you for your time…

    Steven Barnes

    • stan says:

      Thanks for writing, Steven, and thanks for your devotion to Rick O’Shay and Hipshot. We did produce some reprint work from the strip, but the price we had to pay Tribune Media Services made the projects prohibitive. TMS owns Rick O’Shay, and any such reprint as you describe would have to be approved by that company. As you may know, failed contract renewal negotiations–including the possibility of finally owning my own strip–led to my leaving my creation in 1977. I went on to produce LATIGO for about 4 years and now devote my time to writing western fiction. Sorry the situation with Rick O’Shay is what it is.

      Best Regards,


  5. Kate Segal says:

    Oh my! Here I thought I was the biggest Hipshot at Easter fan ever. My beloved Father and I used to read it every year. I have been writing my “story” and the faith piece is huge…Hipshot was God’s first clue to me that I was loved church or not. Is there anyway to get a copy of Hipshot on his horse at Easter? Many thanks for years and years of inspiration.

  6. Gary S. Turk says:

    When I was 4, about to turn 5, Rick O’Say appeared in the Chicago Tribune Sunday Paper. My mother read Rick O’Shay to me and my brother every Sunday as a family tradition. When I was older I read the strip myself, and now as a 59 year old grampa I remember many of those comic strips. One in particular was during the autumn was a strip where Rick goes hunting and has a bead on a large buck. But then instead of shooting, he looks at the big animal in all of it’s majesty, and just drinks in the beauty of nature all around him. That scene played out in my life at about 30 years old. I was looking at a beautiful buck in the sites of my Winchester 30/30, when the comic strip came to mind. I dropped the rifle down slowly and just sat quietly looking at the buck and listened to an absolutely still quiet. I never hunted for deer or elk again after that. I just don’t think I could ever get past that quiet moment in time and the memory that a comic strip had brought to me many years earlier as a kid. Thanks Stan for that moment in time.

  7. Doug Clanin says:

    Dear Friend;
    Even though you are moving out of the country lets keep in touch!
    “Aint” technology great some of the time.
    Your good friend Doug Clanin

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