Paradise Found

Paradise Found

5 Responses to Paradise Found

  1. steven says:

    I can go along with that.

  2. Tom Foolery says:

    There’s no roof on my church

  3. keith says:

    I would say Amen to that. there is something spiritual about being in the mountains. It feel like being closer to God.

  4. Gary Ramsey says:

    “Happy Birthday, Boss” (Rick O’Shay, 1973) forever changed my relationship with God. I finallly saw the difference between faith and religion. “Church” is whereever that connection with the Holy Spirit occurs. I have travelled the length of the Rockies as far north as Jasper Park in Alberta and not a day went by where I was not awestruck. If God has created something even more beautiful for us then it must be beyond my imagination. Amen, in deed.

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