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Battlefield 1 Medic Quotes. Ilovemyego 2 years ago #11. Please make the markers like in battlefield 4 so a medic knows were a dead buddy lies, maby just with a 20 m range, but please bring back the teamwork.

Battlefield 1 The best quote the medic class have YouTube
Battlefield 1 The best quote the medic class have YouTube from

Before, the medic has always been present in the frontline of the battle. That is an unusual answer for someone with as high a body count as you. We are the honorable, and the criminal.

But Behind Every Gunsight, Is A Human Being.

Battlefield 1943 and battlefield heroes. Hardline, then you will notice that the medic class in battlefield 1 plays a slightly different role than in previous titles. The medic, or assault specialist, is one of the main protagonists in battlefield friends.

Please Make The Markers Like In Battlefield 4 So A Medic Knows Were A Dead Buddy Lies, Maby Just With A 20 M Range, But Please Bring Back The Teamwork.

️ attack ️stay with me. The quote has inspired numerous parodies and remixes featuring the video game character and his quotes soviet field bag for the medic. Charlie troop 1/9th hooches see for yourself why shoppers love.

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The mp18 trench is one of the early unlocks for the. Your place for discussion, help, news, reviews, questions, screenshots, videos, gifs, and anything else bf1 related! A new addition to battlefield 1 is the ability to quickly toss medpacks using the spot button (q on pc, right bumper on xbox).

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That Is An Unusual Answer For Someone With As High A Body Count As You.

For battlefield 1 on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message board topic titled how to revive as medic?. Battlefield 1 is developed by dice and produced by ea. Assault is, without a doubt, the single most dangerous threat facing anyone in armoured vehicles, and this loadout intends to make use of that.

It Also Had Acess To Very Powerful Assault Rifles.

But all of us, at home, at war, wherever we may be, are within reach of god's love and power. Lol nothing like watching best squad screen and they all have type 2a smh. This item has a codex entry:

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